On this section we bring you a Top Playlist of Bachata Music. Here you can find:

  • The most modern Bachata music from top artists as Romeo Santos and Prince Royce
  • The coolest Bachata Remixes
  • Awesome Bachata tunes from artists that may be just starting but bring a lot to the scene.
  • And Traditional Bachata music by Real Dominican Bachata Leyends.

Scroll down to enjoy the music 😉

Bachata song of this Week


The first song of the month of June comes with the worldwide famous Prince Royce. El príncipe de la Bachata has published a remix of one of his latest songs, “carita de inocente” in collaboration with the Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers and together got to bring a new flow to this already outstanding song.

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Previous Bachata songs of the week


The King of romantic Bachata is back with his latest album! Daniel Santacruz recently published his latest compilation, Larimar and we can’t do less than sharing the link of one of our favourite tunes of this album. The title of this song is “con ese Hola”, prefect for a relax evening with your partner.

Con ese hola by Daniel Santacruz


As part of the quality offer of this list, this week we travel back in the time to the 2000s to share with you one of the many super hits of the greatest Bachata band: Aventura. The title of this song is “Por un segundo” and, by chance, I spent one of the best times on stage dancing to it..

Por un Segundo by Aventura


What we are doing this week is something we haven’t done before in the Bachata song of the week for 90 songs that we have in the list and it’s repeating 2 songs of the same artist in 2 consecutive weeks. But this song is just too good for us not give it the spotlight of the week. So here you are the latest tune by Dani J: “Favorito” a cover of the song published one month ago by the singer Camilo. The song is really cool and has a great flow.

Favorito - Bachata by Dani J


This is a last minute song!

Just after having added a new song we have seen that one of our favourite Bachata singers, Dani J, just published an amazing new song. The title of this tune is Quién lo diría and it mentions the big gap that this pandemic has created between dancers specially and also sends a beautiful message of hope for all us. This song has straight away became one of my favourite Dani J’s songs. I hope you enjoy as much as I did listening to it.


Hi bachater@s!

This week we are bringing you a song that is a great tune. It was recorded by to of the young generation of Bachata singers: Kewin Cosmos and Jay Ramirez, and it has anything you can ask for to a modern Bachata song, plus a quite entertainment video clip. I would say that Jay and Kewin make a good couple on the screen. Enjoy this song called: Elige.


Bachater@s! This week I couldn’t help myself and had to share another song of this album that I’m liking more every time I listen to it. Bimbo has definitely done an awesome job with his first album. “Baby te quiero a ti” is the title of this nice Bachata tune and was done with the collaboration of Emmakings, a young Bachata singer that promises to become a great reference in the future of Bachata music.



And our Bachata song of the week is Me robaste la vida by “el príncipe”, Prince Royce. It’s part of his latest album Alter Ego, where Royce hast put together his two sides as Bachatero and Latin Pop artist. This chilled Bachata song follows the most general style of this artist, ideal to for a slow and romantic dance with your dance partner (even when the lyrics are about “amargue”). Hopefully you enjoy this one and our rest of Bachata songs of the week on our Youtube Channel.


This week we are bringing you a Bachata cover of the song Sabrás by the group Herencia de Tambiquí. The Bachata version of this romantic song has been made by DJ Khalid with the great voice of Manny Rod and collaboration of a professional Bachata dancer, YES, A DANCER: the famous, super talented and good friend of The Latin Passion: Frank Santos. We hope you like this cover with plenty of energy.


The Bachata song of this week is a very the Bachata cover of an Old Super Heat: “Red red wine” by Neil Diamond and after versioned by UB40. This Awesome Cover and a whole bunch more have been published in the Album Classic American Tunes in Bachata by Bimbo, well known guitarist of Romeo Santos and Aventura’s bands. On this song Bimbo is teaming up with the famous Dominican Urban singer Vakero.

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