Bachata Passion Wednesdays Studio Lessons

  • The Latin Passion proudly invites you to our Brand New “Bachata Passion Wednesdays Intensive Course”.

    This course has been created as a perfect complement for our Monday lessons. Here we target our higher Improver and Intermediate level students to help them to get the necessary skills to reach the Advanced level “in the best shape”. It’s also oriented to students in the Advanced level that feel like that they “left something behind” during their learning process and are looking forward to work on some of those skills again. Developing good Bachata Skills takes time and practise in the right techniques and concepts and this intensive course will be working on all those techniques and concepts such us:

    • Body movements and Body Isolations.
    • Footwork.
    • Timing and musical interpretation of learned routines.
    • Consolidation of fundamentals for Sensual and Traditional styles.
    • Body posture and “dance flavour”.
    • Leading and Following.
    • More…

    To teach these concepts and make them happen we will:

    • Run lessons in a studio with only 30 spaces for students.
    • Students must join the course IN COUPLES (leader-follower).
    • Lessons will be taught by Peynao er Bachatero, Pioneer of Sensual Bachata in the UK and UK ambassador of Bachata Paradise (Traditional Bachata Festival in Dominican Republic) with the help of the super talented ladies: Tiffany and Tina (more information about instructors below).
    • We will teach all styles of Bachata in Fusion.
    • We will have a part of the class where we will work on our body movements and isolations.
    • We will have a part of the class where we will work on footwork.
    • We will have a long dancing practise to make sure the concepts are understood, check every couple and have time for extra questions.
    • We will apply all of these concepts to popular and also new movements & routines.
  • In Advance: £12 per person

    Bookings must be done IN COUPLES.



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  • If you want an integral training in Bachata at the best price, get now your Monthly Discounted voucher and work on a continuous and naturally developing learning system.

    (March’s 5 Mondays Classes + 4 Wednesdays Classes for 2 people with a 25% discount)

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  • *** PEYNAO

    As a dance teacher and performer, he has been dancing Bachata, Salsa and Latin rhythms since 2004. Peynao learned Bachata and Salsa with some of the top teachers and performers in Spain and at international congresses. Since he came to UK, he has been the first one representing UK in 2011 in BachataStars Europe where he got to the 4th position with his then dance partner. He also won the Latin Dance Video competition for the Premier of Street Dance 3D and is the pioneer and main introducer of the Sensual Style of Bachata in the United Kingdom and a well-respected instructor, both nationally and internationally. He is currently teaching Bachata in fusion or separated in styles like Sensual, Modern, Traditional, Bachatango…
    Peynao has performed, taught and DJ in many national famous Latin dance clubs like Bachata Spice, El Grande, Bar Salsa, Motion City Festival, Sexy Latin Festival, BachataStars Europe Finals in London, Clave Latina Festival, Mambocity Congress, UKDC and cities like Edimburgh, Nottingham, Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge…. He has been one of the very first male Bachata artists representing UK in a Festival in Dominican Republic (Bachata Paradise) and taken part in Festivals and events around the world like: Madrid Bachatea World Congress in Spain, Huelva Kizombachata Festival also in Spain, Ballagan Festival in Israel, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Germany… He also has shared stage with singers as Ephrem J and Dani J.
    Peynao was co-organiser and introducer of BachataStars UK, organiser of BachataStars Europe Finals 2013 and co-directing the very famous bi-monthly party “Bachata Spice” and Bachata Spice UK Amateur, UK Open and the coming International Championships, well-known to everyone in the Latin scene. Peynao has been promoting and organising events in his own right and in partnership for many major events around the country and runs different media channels like Bachata Spice or The Latin Passion.
    All his knowledge and experience as Dancer, DJ, Instructor, Performer and Organiser give of Peynao deep knowledge of any of the skills necessary to succeed in Bachata dance as a social dancer or professional.

    *** TINA

    With a background of Ballroom and Latin, Tina joined Bachata & Salsa social dance classes in 2014 getting to know Peynao 3 years ago and becoming one of his top students. Since then she has become a smooth and stylish Bachata and Salsa Dancer and has trained in lessons with most of the top Latin Dance instructors in the UK in some regular classes and Festivals. In 2018 Tina took her training to the next level when she started to master Professional level techniques and getting tips from some World instructors in Festivals in which she is already taking part as an instructor. From those instructors Tina has received great feedback remarking her Elegance and great Following Skills.


    *** TIFFANY

    Tiffany is a passionate dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer. She has a background in Musical Theatre and runs her own stage school for children. Tiffany teaches acting and dance styles classes which include Tap and Jazz. Tiffany also has a degree is Contemporary dance from the university of Coventry. Tiffany is a successful Zumba fitness instructor teacher teaching in gyms all over london. Tiffany has been dancing Salsa and Bachata for over 4 years with Bachata Spice as her family. Tiffany has taught and performed in theatres and events all over the UK and internationally, including Italy, Spain and Colombia. After many trips to Colombia Tiffany co-founded a Cali Salsa group in London, called Fuego Caleño in which she teaches and runs choreography courses.

  • Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 10pm.

    • Bachata Passion Wednesdays will back on Wednesday 8th January 2020


  •  * Bring comfortable, sport clothes.

     * Please, wear dance shoes or non sticky trainers if you prefer and your knees will welcome it. Avoid shoes that could damage the floor.

     * A hand towel would be recommended. And everyone is happier in a fresh smelling room ;p

     * You can bring a bottle of water or soft drink. Please, take with you all your stuff when you leave the room.

     * Chewing gums are NOT ALLOWED inside the studio during these classes.

  • Flow Dance London
    Unit 3, Ground Floor, Kennington Business Park, Canterbury Court, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE

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